Nordgreen Philosopher PH40SI3LSIBLCH

De kast van de Nordgreen is gemaakt van staal, Het horloge heeft een diameter van 40 mm en is getest op waterdichtheid tot 3 ATM (spatwater dicht). De 3- schakel horlogeband is gemaakt van staal.

"We believe the right to good health, a clean environment, and a full education are rights all. The harsh reality, however, is that much of the world does not experience them. Motivated by our Danish values, when we founded Nordgreen, we knew we had to do our part to help to change this in every way we could. There was no excuse not to give back." - PAS & VAS

With so many people in need of help across the globe, we simply couldn't fathom founding a company that didn't give back in some way. After all, we're Danes: taking care of one another is a part of who we are.

214,00 €